Recent changes to this wiki:

try commenting out [[
add post on adding table of contents to pdfs from R
calendar update
add newcomer tag to the BTS
add OPW selection blog post
it's, not .org
creating tag page tags/keyboards
move images; fix tags
add ergodox keyboard
add missing period
add dropbox recursive downloader post
fix italics in resume
fix bold in resume
update cv pdf
Add Genes and Immunity paper
creating tag page tags/scale
it's tag not tags
add scale 12x post
add raster in vector plot post
revert previous patch and move sidebar back to its original location
move the sidebar align to top
move the sidebar down
move sidebar down
add a meta description
add ikiwiki plugins section
add missing </li>
add home link
add favorite icon
switch to justified, centered text by default
try switching to footnotes instead of citations
tweak multimarkdown citations slightly
add doi links
add citations to research statement
get rid of footnote in teaching statement for web
make background color in code slightly lighter
add my cv to the repository
fix path to research statement
remove projects header
add table of contents to projects
make the h1 font slightly larger and bold
totally revamp projects section
remove extraneous trailing space in example
add new background image
move things around slightly in the sidebar
add appropriate titles for the projects and archives subpage
don't make fonts bold which are already using a bold font
use a rounded box for the titles so it's more visible
use a transparent pageheader header
scale background image to 100%
switch more fonts to liberationserif
make sidebar larger
use liberation for the title as well
fix liberation serif location in css
load fonts and use liberation font
add meta title
add ul for contact information
fix links to cv et al
add resarch statement and teaching statement and links in resume
add working with org post
tweak hilight plugin css
switch to latex format and fix eaten \ for biblatex in ajhg
use format el
try just double escaping
triple escape the \ to try to get them by the wiki filter
apparently the format is tex, not latex
switch to using [[!format
add biblatex gi style post
calendar update
creating tag page tags/house
add whitefly post
creating tag page tags/org-mode
creating tag page tags/mutt
creating tag page tags/emacs
add org mode mutt capture post
calendar update
calendar update
include diary posts in posts listing
creating tag page tags/latex
creating tag page tags/biblatex
add biblatex post
try to fix the libravatar image
add libravatar post
indicate that kgb supports cvs now
no output
reduce the range slightly
update the post and hide results
update bug reporting rate
add wd print
add wd print
add wd print
try fixing the file location
try adding more escapes
we also need lattice
try adding more escapes
actually print the plot
add bug reporting rate post