Neil McGovern asked me to add an additional feature to the BTS to support tracking the current status of attempts at fixing a bug. In past releases, we've used the nice commenting feature of to keep track of what is going on in a particular nasty RC bug, who is working on it, and what needs to be done next (or if everyone can just ignore the bug).

This feature should probably have already been in the BTS to start with, but now it is. In addition to the existing summary feature, where you can nominate a message or text to be the summary for a bug, there is an outlook command, which tracks the current status of the bug, and behaves in exactly the same way:

outlook 12345 not good
outlook 54321 0

I'm totally stymied by #54321.

for example.

I plan to include the outlook in the bugscan output in the future too, so it'll be easily accessible. (And possibly up-to-the-minute with some javascript-fu.)