I'm a huge fan of Org-mode, and I keep all of my org-mode files in git repositories which are under myrepos control.

However, because I often make lots of changes to my agenda and notes, I hate having to manually visit each individual project and make changes to it. [And it's also annoying when I forget to commit a specific change and then have to try to get my laptop and desktop back into sync.]

Luckily, myrepos can easily run a command in parallel in all of the repositories! The following "update_org_files" command will update all of my org-file containing repositories in parallel:


ORG_GREP='-e .org$ -e .org_archive$ -e .org_done$'

if [ "x$1" == "xdoit" ]; then
    if git status --porcelain -z | grep -z '^ M' | grep -zq $ORG_GREP; then
        git status --porcelain -z | grep -z '^ M' | grep -z $ORG_GREP | \
            sed -z 's/^ M//g' | \
            xargs -0 git commit -m'update org files'
        git push;
    emacsclient -n -e '(org-save-all-org-buffers)' >/dev/null 2>&1
    mr -d ~ -j5 run update_org_files doit;

An updated version of this lives in my git repository