Here are some of the many projects I'm working on or have previously worked on.


I use Debian on all of my computers and regularly contribute to it. You can see some of the work I'm doing in Debian below.


Debbugs is Debian's Bug Tracking System. I am currently the primary maintainer of debbugs. You can see what I'm working on in my git repositories, what I need to work on in Debbug's bug list, read more information about contributing to Debbugs yourself, and see all of my posts about Debbugs.

Debian R Packages

I maintain builds of the vast majority of R packages for Debian. You can also see my posts about the Debian-r archive.


Below are some of the bioinformatics and biologically relevant tools I have built.

Postgresql Mirror of dbSNP

Being able to query dbSNP locally is very useful for adding annotations to deep sequencing results and other DNA polymorphism based analyses. See how to set up a postgresql mirror of dbsnp yourself using my scripts.

Helical Wheel Plots

Plots alpha helical wheels with hydrophobic moment according to the wif scale (not woct).

Ikiwiki Plugins

My entire website is now built using ikiwiki. Here are some ikiwiki plugins I have written:

  • Sweavealike is a plugin for IkiWiki that tries to do some of the useful things for IkiWiki that Sweave/Knitr does for R and LaTeX. See my blog post for more information.

Perl Modules

  • Class::Modular is a superclass that allows one to generate a single class from modules spread throughout multiple files and overload methods within that class at will. Da::DB inherits from Class::Modular. svn repository

LaTeX Math to PNG

Converts LaTeX math formula to PNG files. ($$x^2_0+y^2_0=r^2_0$$) becomes rendered equation